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About Our Owner

Laura is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist and enjoys helping individuals feel better about themselves through Massage Therapy and Pain Management. She has been involved in the Massage Therapy industry for more than 15 years, dedicating the rest of her life to helping others with chronic pain and stress relief.


Catering to You 

Through Deep Tissue Massage Therapy and Swedish Massage Therapy, Laura relieves the effects of stress, chronic pain, headaches, repetitive motion syndromes, and tendonitis. She is empathetic to your pain, because she experiences chronic pain as well. In fact, this is why she started our business, to help people who suffer from constant pain.

Book a Session with Laura

Laura would be happy to book a session with you to work toward your goals for stress reduction, relaxation, and health issues. She is willing to come to your location, whether the comfort of your home or convenience of your office. Reach out to Laura about your physical concerns today.

                                     Education and Credentials

                       Licensed Massage Therapist Virginia

                        Loudoun County Massage License

Laura graduated from the Virginia School of Massage with a Medical Massage Therapy Certification. .She is Licensed through the Virginia  Board of Nursing and is a member of   the ABMP.